Phoenix Community Centre, Covent Garden, London

Sustainable By Design

Client: The Trustees, Phoenix Community Garden

The Phoenix Garden is a community garden based in Covent Garden in central London and is a registered charity, managed by volunteers, set up to provide a green retreat from the stresses of London's West End and a vital habitat for urban wildlife. The garden is maintained using sustainable techniques and an innovative approach to wildlife gardening, creating many different habitats to encourage as many species as possible. The new centre will provide project and community facilities and a new education resource to support the charity's stated aim to act as a resource for garden advice to local community and school groups. The building extends integrated habitat potential by incorporating horizontal and vertical planted surfaces, a habitat wall and a mesh screen providing support for climbing plants and nesting sites for birds.

Status: RIBA Stages A-C completed - ongoing

Site solar analysis

Daylighting study


Site visual